As a single Mom I took a chance and started my own business. I know what it means to stick to a budget and the stress of making payroll. I believe that in a weak economy, our elected officials should stop overspending and instead focus on getting the government and excessive regulation out of the way of the private sector. Government should reduce its unnecessary interference in the marketplace, which will help encourage and allow New Mexico’s businesses to invest in our community and create jobs.


Our education system is failing our kids.  They deserve more, and we owe it to them to reform the current broken system.  We cannot continue to throw money at the same problem and expect a different result. We need TRUE reform. I completely support the Governor in her efforts to reform our broken education system. I graduated from an underperforming high school. As a result I know first hand the struggles of succeeding when the odds are stacked against you.  Promoting a third grader who cannot read proficiently does one thing, it paves the way to failure. Shame on us for allowing it.  We’ve all heard the term practice makes perfect, we know an athlete cannot get better in any sport without mastering the fundamentals first. Reading is no different and repeating the 3rd grade can only pave the way for success.


We need to create a business friendly environment and mean it! Recent legislation has just scratched surface on new tax reform by limiting the double and triple taxation of goods and services known as tax pyramiding in the construction and manufacturing sectors. I believe we’ve just begun to peel back the layers of the onion on tax reform I believe there’s more that can be done.


Drivers Licenses- As a Hispanic woman I am offended that this issue has turned into a “race issue”.  This issue has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with abiding by the law.  How can we expect ANY of our laws to be taken seriously if we allow one law to be broken? What example are we setting? Coming into this country illegally is illegal, bottom line.


F or far too long the back door deals and corruption in Santa Fe have played out in news story after news story. It’s time we hold our elected officials accountable. Transparency in government and stiff penalties for elected officials who abuse their roles are the only way we can put a stop to it.  Corruption erodes economic development, growth, and freedom by introducing insecurity and uncertainty into our communities.